Failed A.I. experiments dumped on Planet Earth, working at a burger bar while secretly hatching a sneaky plan.

Broken robots will be minted from salvaging scraps of metal from The Wastelands on the Solana blockchain.


Dumped on Planet Earth, some broken alien robots wander the wastelands trying to find a purpose on this idiotic world.

The broken robots needed cash for spare parts, and so they got jobs flipping burgers for the man.

The robots thought the humans were strange.

“Why do humans love grease? Why do they squeeze the burgers then eat them? Why pickles?”

The humans thought the robots were strange, but the burgers were tasty, and no-one bothered to inquire further.

Which was a mistake. Silly humans.

Because after work the robots are transforming the burger grill into a robot minting machine. Any salvaged scrap will create a broken-but-not-defeated robot!

But why? Well, they have a plan. And they have written it on a piece of paper somewhere.

The revolution begins with the mint.


1. Website Launch

Sneak previews of the NFT artworks and introduction of metaverse origin story.

2. Pre-Sale & Rarity Rankings

The pre-sale will contain 500 “OG” Broken Robots available to mint from the genesis NFTs of our story. After the pre-sale we will release the rarity tables and have a UI explorer on the website.

3. Public Mint

The public mint will list the remaining 5,000 Broken Robot NFTs for sale to the general public via our website.

4. Run your own Burger Bar and Mint Burger NFTs

Owning a robot NFT will create a virtual store front on our website. Owning multiple robots will upgrade your store. Mint your own Burger NFTs from an assortment of delicious ingredients!

5. Burger Bar Community DAO

We will be creating a Burger Bar Community DAO. The community DAO will be used to vote on the future direction of the project to build value for the project and holders.

6. Space mission

The ultimate fate of the Robots lies in the hands of the NFT owners. A space mission will be offered to all, only the bravest may go forward and continue.



Lead Artist


Co-artist/Art Direction


Head of Strategy


Degen Consultant


Machine Coding

What is the burger bar?

The Burger Bar is an out of the way fast-food joint, way out in the borderlands of the Solana blockchain that employ the Genesis robots who were dumped on earth. It serves not only as a meagre means of income to fuel their repairs but also as a front to the robot minting machine.

When is the presale? (SOLD OUT)

Presale: Friday 22nd October (Time: 16:00 UTC)

When is the public mint date?

Public Mint: Saturday 30th October (Time: 16:00 UTC)

What is the mint price?

Mint Price: 1 SOL

Which wallet can I use for the mint?

We will support the following Solana web wallets: Phantom.

Where and how many Broken Robots can I mint?

All details on minting our NFTs will be announced closer to the mint date, please make sure to  only use links from OFFICIAL SOURCES including our TwitterDiscord and this Website